FAQs Lenox MP Media Player Stream Hosting

1. How do I order Lenox MP?

Ordering Lenox MP is very simple, the media player is pay as you go. Simply click the order now button. Be sure to enter your information correctly, including your phone number and email address so you can receive your login details as well as other important information.

2. Why have I not received my Lenox MP login details?

Your Lenox MP Media Player login details are emailed separately from your order confirmation. Add us to your contact and safe senders list. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE IT!

3. How do I get Lenox MP help and support?

Simply go to the Lenox MP Media Player Help page. You can have your questions answered immediately by typing in your questions. We offer additional email support if needed from 9 am to 9 pm EST.

4. Why is Lenox MP freezing and buffing?

  1. First try going to the Fire Stick settings for the Lenox MP application and click force stop and clear cache, then re-launch the application. (We recommend doing this each time before launching application)
  2. You can also try unplugging your TV, streaming devices and internet modem for 30 seconds. (We recommend doing this monthly as it may solve many streaming issues).
  3. You can also try creating a new profile when logging into the Lenox application but the first two suggestions should solve your issue.
  4. Your internet provider may be slowing your speed, try using a VPN.
  5. Your speed may not be fast enough, especially when trying to stream multiple devices at one time. To test if this is the problem, unplug all of your streaming devices except one and try streaming.
  6. If none of the above help, restore your Fire Stick back to the factory settings and re-download the Lenox application. You will then re-enter your login details.

5. Can I stream Lenox MP anywhere?

Yes, you can stream Lenox MP Media Player anywhere, anytime on any device. Stream to mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Sheild, and Tablets as well as your PC or Laptop.

6. Do I need to use a VPN with Lenox MP?

We suggest using a VPN with Lenox MP Media Player for many reasons. A VPN can help protect your identity, location, increase streaming speeds, increase streaming content and much more.

7. What payment methods do you accept for Lenox MP?

 When placing an order for Lenox MP Media Player, you can use any major credit or debit card or PayPal account. To use a credit or debit card, simply click "Use Credit or Debit Card" during checkout. 

8. How do I renew my Lenox MP account?

To renew your Lenox MP Media Player account follow the same steps when you ordered the first time. You can see your expiration date when logging into the Lenox Media Player by clicking the three lines in the bottom left menu. Place another order and time will be added to your account. We will also send an email reminder just before your subscription expires with a mobile link to easily renew.

9. Is there a credit check for Lenox MP?

No, there is no credit check or contract to use Lenox MP Media Player! Cancel anytime by simply not paying, your account will cancel automatically at the end of your month.

10. Is there a contract to use the Lenox MP?

No, there is never a contract to use Lenox MP Media Player. We do not offer advanced payment or auto-pay to ensure you are never charged without your authorization. 

11. Do I get an invoice each month for my Lenox MP account?

Yes, we send an invoice monthly with a link to renew your Lenox MP Media Player account. You can also simply return to the website and place a new order. Time will be added to your account and you will continue to use the same login details. 

12. What devices can I use to stream Lenox MP?

You can stream Lenox MP Media Player to virtually any android box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, phone, tablet, windows pc, mac, iPad, and iPhone.

13. How many devices can I stream Lenox MP to at one time?

You can stream Lenox MP Media Player up to 5 devices at the same time if your internet connection is fast enough. Streaming to more than five devices will cause your account to be blocked. Once you login on a device, it is added to your account. If you need to remove devices from your account, go to settings when logged into the Lenox app and go to devices.

14. Can a friend use my Lenox MP account?

No, sorry, sharing your Lenox MP Media Player account will cause your account to stop working.

15. What is my Lenox MP service id?

Your Lenox MP Media Player service ID is 531.