Lenox MP Media Player Service ID

What is my Lenox Service ID? How do I get my Service ID? The following instructional video explains how to get your Lenox MP Media Player Service ID. Simply go to the website Stream Hosting and place an order. You will then receive your welcome email containing your login details, your Service ID which is 531, User ID and Password. Simply enter the information into the Lenox Media Player and you are ready to start streaming.

For new customers, there is a 24 Hour Trial available randomly to test the service. The Lenox MP Media Player is buffer free, so if you experience buffering or any other issue, simply go to the Help and FAQ's to find immediate answers to your questions. Once your trial expires, you can easily renew your account by placing a new order for one month Service to add time to your account. You will continue to use the same Service ID, User ID and password.

If you experience your streams stop and pause, jump back to the home screen, Lenox MP Media Player app crashing, or any other issue, simply follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to the Fire Stick settings for the Lenox MP Media Player application and click force stop, clear cache and relaunch the application. We recommend doing this each time before opening the Lenox app.
    2. You can also try unplugging everything including your TV, streaming devices and Internet modem for 30 seconds. We recommend doing this monthly as it may solve many streaming issues.
    3. You can also try creating a new profile when logging into the Lenox application but the first two suggestions should solve your issue.
    4. If none of the above help, restore your Fire Stick back to the factory settings and re-download the Lenox MP Media Player application. You will then re-enter your Service ID, User ID and Password.

We hope this helps explain what is my Lenox Service ID, as well as help solve other streaming issues. Have a great day and enjoy!